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Bail Kolhu Oryzanol Rich Refined Rice Bran Oil

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Bail Kolhu Oryzanol Rich Refined Rice Bran Oil


There are varieties of oil that line the shelves of super markets. So then why should we wish to Bail Kolhu Oryzanol rich Refined Rice Bran Oil? Bail Kolhu Oryzanol Rich Refined Rice Bran Oil contains the amount of oryzanol (antioxidant) to provide cholesterol lowering properties. It reduces cholesterol formation and absorption also reduces blood clotting by retarding platelets aggregation (thus lowering the possibility of heart attack) and increases cholesterol excretion effectively. When you eat a low carbohydrate diet cooked in Bail Kolhu Oryzanol Rich Refined Rice Bran Oil. It also helps in reducing the blood fat and bad cholesterol (LDL) and improves the good cholesterol to bad cholesterol ratio (HDL/LDL) which is very important for health related heart. Rice Bran Oil has a balanced fatty acid profile close to the World Health organization (WHO), American Heart Association’s (AHA), the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). Health Benefits Bail Kolhu Oryzanol Rich Refined Rice Bran Oil has very good amount of antioxidant (such as oryzanol, tocotrienol, tocopherol and squalene) as compared to other cooking oils. Some essential health benefits of Bail Kolhu Oryzanol Rich Refined Rice Bran Oil are given as follows: • Better Skin – Squalene softens the skin as it is a natural moisturizer. • Enhancement in immune system – Due to its high antioxidant content, it fights the free radicals that harm the immune system thereby protecting the body from disease. • Helps in preventing cancer – Rice bran oils is rich in tocopherol (vitamin E) and tocotrienol which are powerful antioxidants. These are anti-mutagenic elements that curb the cancer causing free radicals thereby reducing cancer risk. • Nervous system and endocrine health – The antioxidants found in Rice Bran Oil also benefit the nervous system such as Vitamin E helps in improving the neurological functioning and balancing the endocrine hormones.

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