Arahar Dal or Lentils, also sometimes referred to as split pigeon peas are one of the richest sources of vital nutrients. One of the staples in the Indian kitchen, nourish arahar dal is an easy recipe which takes only a few minutes to cook. It is served with rice, chapatti, idlis, and thepla. A healthy member of the legumes family, arahar dal is one of the best when it comes to taste as well as nutritional value.

BL Agro Industries Ltd, the best cooking oil brand in India, brings the health benefits of arahar dal for all of you to have a better nutritional view of it.

Rich in Folic Acid

We all know that folic acid is an important vitamin for one and all, especially women. It helps in pregnancy and fetal development. Thus, arahar dal becomes one of the essentials to be consumed during pregnancies, while the woman is making a human life. This can considerably reduce the chances of the brain and spinal cord related birth defects. It is best in taste and health when cooked in kachchi ghani oil, as suggested by the best bail kolhu kachchi ghani manufacturer and exporter in India.

High on Proteins

Arahal dal is proven to be one of the richest sources nutrients and plant proteins, as per the top researches. Another major nutritional substance found in arahar dal is fiber which helps to prevent constipation and promote regularity in the digestive system. These health nutrients make arahar dal similar to poultry in essence. This makes arahar dal a low fat and low cholesterol alternative of meat and fish for vegetarian consumers. That is why BL Agro Industries Ltd, bail kolhu kachchi ghani manufacturer, and exporter, recommends arahar dal strongly.

Brilliant Source of Carbohydrates

The body needs good carbohydrates for energy. Arahar dal has it in plenty. Eating arahar dal means a lot of consumption of carbohydrates which are further broken down into glucose or blood sugar, providing energy to the brain, body and nervous system. Also, arahar dal is equipped with complex carbohydrates with higher levels of nutrition and health content. Best cooking oil brand India says that it is the top health decision to consume arahar dal on regular basis.

Regularly eating nourish arahar dal as part of an overall healthy diet can lead to a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.