India has diverse cultures with different religions, creeds, races, and food taste.

Every culture has its own distinct food habits. Our country is known for its amazing spices and food tastes. The distinct thing which enhances the food and its flavor is the correct amount of cooking oil added to the dish. Oil gives flavor to the food and adds to its presentation. It gives our body the necessary fats, essential for survival.

There are a wide range of low fat cooking oils in the market but a consumer must make a wise decision by picking up one with low trans fats and cholesterol. Bail kolhu, is an intelligent choice in kachi ghani mustard oil with all the nutrition in it. As it is made up of pure mustard so good for all the cardiovascular diseases, heart problems, obesity, cancer etc. All these deadly diseases could be sat at bay with the daily use of bail kolhu oil in our cooking and thus adopting healthy life style with bail kolhu.

Now, enjoy guilt free deep-fried food, as bail kolhu brand in mustard oil takes care of its effect on the body. External use of mustard oil is also advice for good hair growth and controlling hair fall. Its antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties make it a preferred choice for use on skin also.

Other than mustard oil, Bail kolhu, offers wide range of edible oil including ground nut oil, soya bean oil, and sun flower oil. Not limited only to oil, it’s a Nourish brand in aata and dals also. Stock your kitchen this time with Nourish foods by BL Agro (Bail kolhu brand) and be proud of your decision.