Sustainable Development Goals


Emissions from India ranks third in the global list, accounting for 2.46 billion metric tonnes of carbon or 6.8% of the total global emissions. Electricity, being one of the key drivers of India’s Carbon Emissions due to its reliance on coal-based power plants. (Source: India Spend)


Energy is undoubtedly one of the fundamentally essential enablers of human progress. As a leading FMCG business in the country; the everyday energy requirements of the organization as a whole are ever-growing. The growth & scalability of business, at this pace, demands an increase in energy consumption too. This demand itself is diverse in nature, from agriculture to industrial processes and land use, the energy consumption has only been on the rise and so is the rate of carbon emissions.

A higher rate of carbon emissions in our environment leads to a rise in the earth’s core temperature causing the Greenhouse Effect, thus resulting in Global Warming. While this is something we all have long known of, it is also a reality at the same time that we all are currently battling in varied aspects.

Greenhouse gases not only impact the environment around but have adverse health impacts as well. Climate change led due to global warming not only leads to trapping heat, but is also a major contributor to respiratory disease caused by air pollutants.
BL Agro, as a large scale industry, requires a continual supply of energy, and for such an industry type the Carbon emissions are quite natural. The question we asked ourselves as an organization –that from its grass root days has been committed to purity &quality was, do we just sit and watch?

A step towards preserving the earth & environment for posterity, at BL AGRO we take the environment health quite seriously, along with our CSR initiatives towards a cleaner & greener nation.



For all the energy consumption requirements, BL Agro relies 100% on Solar Energy for our in-house packaging plant.



As an organization, we believe that a clean & carbon emission-free environment can boost not just the in-house business productivity but also help adjacent regions and habitat have a sustainable environment. Which is why, we have installed state-of-the-art air purifiers across units that help curb and map our emissions, giving us a chance to minimize the emissions.



Right from procurement to packaging, and storage to dispatch, we have ensured that we rely on world-class machinery that not only optimizes all business processes but also ensures maximum productivity with minimum wastage. Our practices along with our CSR activities towards the betterment of the environment has led to significant improvement in the area.





While the above steps are just our small contributions in this longer quest of preserving humanity and ensuring our survival, we all must mark our contributions proactively to confront a changing climate.