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Dishes made with whole wheat – A step for a healthy body

While talking about the healthy body the very thing which comes in mind is healthy food. We all love foods made of all-purpose flour or plain flour or Maida (in Hindi). All the junk and tasty foods require all-purpose flour but it is not considered a healthy option. So, to overcome this drawback of yummy recipes all-purpose flour or Maida is replaced with wheat flour or Gehun.
Wheat is a grass majorly cultivated for its seed and is easily available throughout the globe.
All the unhealthy and junk food can be made healthier with wheat flour. Let’s look into some wheat flour dishes which are super healthy and tasty.

  1. Atta ka sheera
    This is an Indian dessert prepared all over the country for its delicious sweet taste. It’s
    made with wheat flour, jaggery (because sugar is not considered a healthy option) and some dry-fruits making it super dessert to be served after or with your dinner and lunch.
    Our range of Chakki fresh Atta will give you the perfect taste and aroma to enhance your
    dish and transform it into a healthy one.
  2. Gobhi ke Paranthe
    No Indian kitchen could be unaware of this staple dish. These Cauliflower paranthes are not just beneficial for your health in terms of protein supply to your body. But the best part about these paranthes is the yummy taste they carry with themselves. This taste is well complemented with the use of BL Agro flour which gives it a soft texture and good quality.
  3. Whole Wheat Spaghetti Salad
    Sounds exotic? You can use the simple procedure of making noodles but this time using BL
    agro whole wheat flour. This minute alteration in normal spaghetti salad will give your digestive system relief from complications and boost your energy level as well.
    These were some of the healthy and delicious wheat recipes for all your health-conscious
    foodies. But is it easy to keep it simple, healthy and tasty at the same time? In a fast-paced
    world maintaining flavour And health seem to be two complicated and contrasting tasks. But
    BL agro believes in maintaining both these goals in a simple manner through a quality
    product. Our range of Whole Wheat Atta is supplied of all the essential nutrients along with a soft texture and fresh manufacture. It easily fits in your budget and fulfils your daily
    healthy intake with loads of flavour and quality.

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