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February 21, 2020

Know-How Nourish Walnuts Is Your Healthy Best Friend

Walnuts look like tiny brains which are tremendously healthy to consume and are referred to as superfoods. Walnuts are known as “Akhrot” in Hindi and are very tasty and crunchy, which is why they are loved by many children as well.

These days you would find walnuts being used as a significant ingredient in many sweet treats, skin products and also being used for various medicinal purposes. There are a countless number of benefits for you if you add this fantastic dried fruit in your daily diet.

Our team in the factories producing Nourish Walnuts inspects and filters out all the bad walnuts from the good ones. Many cutting-edge technologies are harnessed during this process to bring these nuts to uncompromising quality. 

We use top of the line packaging process to make sure that all the walnuts remain fresh and are not damaged in transportation.

Nourish Walnuts can be your next best friend that will help you live your life tirelessly and enjoy it to the maximum. We offer various categories of walnuts based on size and colour grades. We offer walnuts in both variations, i.e., shelled and unshelled.

Many of the proven facts that you might not know about this Akhrot are:

  • They are rich in anti-oxidants and hence helps your body fight oxidative damage, including damage due to bad LDL cholesterol.
  • Great natural source of omega-3s which helps in improving your heart health
  • Anti-inflammatory in nature and helps fight oxidative stress
  • Enables you to combat chronic diseases by increasing bodily immunity
  • Delays skin ageing and improves skin health
  • Promotes proper digestion and good gut microbes
  • Weight loss and weight management is easy as walnuts help you control your appetite and hunger
  • Enables you to manage type-2 diabetes and blood pressure
  • Improves brain function and helps you get quality sleep during the night
  • These Akhrots are shown to have a positive effect on your mood
  • It even reduces the chances of different cancers including breast, prostate and colorectal cancer

We all love the crispy clear crunch while eating walnuts, but some of us do not enjoy the added slight bitterness in taste.  Luckily, as good as Nourish Walnuts might taste while raw, it benefits even more when coupled with a variety of other items in the most wonderful recipes.

Some creative culinary moves for you that would be worth a try are:

  • Add this Akhrot to your next favourite smoothie.
  • Add these Akhrots to brown rice to add protein to a vegetarian diet.
  • You can easily bake walnut cookies and enjoy the lovely crunch.
  • Dip these walnuts in hot melted dark chocolate and eat them when dry up.
  • Have oatmeal with crushed walnuts and vanilla yoghurt topping.
  • Roast the Nourish Akhrot and have it as a mid-day snack.

Walnuts are an extremely nutritious nut, especially the ones which we are offering. You are going to reap multiple such benefits, like the ones mentioned in this blog, for a long time to come. In short, every diet with the Nourish Walnuts  can be your next best meal and improve your health simultaneously.

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